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About Us...

We are located in Central Ohio and are proud to raise Ryman Type English Setters.  We have hunted, trained and bred family hunting companions for nearly twenty years.  Previously, we raised Versatile German Shorthair Pointers.  However, we have now transitioned to Ryman Type English Setters as they are a better fit for our family and our preferred style of upland hunting. We plan to occasionally produce selectively bred litters and strive to produce classic, foot-hunting dogs with great conformation and temperament.  Our dogs are hunted in Ohio and Michigan on grouse, woodcock and waterfowl.

Breeding Goals...


Our dogs are bred to be true to the classic Ryman Type.  We want dogs that are easy to live with and have strong desire and inherit natural ability in the field.  A setter from Fair Fields Gun Dogs should require little training.  Our dogs are intended to be part of the family.  If you love them, spend time with them and take them hunting you should have a companion that will be a pleasure to live with and walk behind in the field.  Every breeding we produce is heavily researched with these specific goals in mind.  Our dogs are our passion.  Our dogs are part of our family and we select each one with the highest of standards.  We pride ourselves on producing wonderful family hunting companions.  Please contact us for future breedings or stud service.


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