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Puppies Expected June 21, 2024!  Reservations are available.

Spring 2024 Litter (Huck x Brook)


Sire: Oak Point Huckleberry

OFA Hips/Elbows and BAER Hearing


Dam: Fair Fields Brook

OFA Hips/Elbows and BAER Hearing

UPDATE: We expect Brook to be bred this spring with pups in late spring or summer.  We have a few reservations remaining (Male/Female) for this outstanding and long anticipated breeding!  Stay tuned!

We are extremely excited to announce the planned breeding of Huck to Brook!  This brings together two exceptional family oriented hunting companions.  Both dogs possess pedigrees loaded with Appalachian foot-hunting setters.  Huck has developed into a prime example of a Classic Ryman Type.  He is athletic, talented and possesses the classic setter looks that we have come to love.  Brook is developing into a fine bird dog herself!  She is light, quick and skillful in the way she covers the grouse woods.  She is extremely natural in all aspects and is possibly the sweetest dog we have ever owned.  Indications of interest are being taken. Please reach out if you want to hear more about this exciting Ryman Type Setter breeding!

Contact us directly via email or call 740-438-4374

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