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Classic Setters

for the family and field

Oak Point Huckleberry

Whelped 11/29/2019

OFA Elbows Normal

BAER Tested (ES-BR421/1M-NOPI)

FDSB #1688317

67 lbs

Huck is our first Ryman Type Setter and I already know we may never have another one like him!  Huck showed especially strong desire at an early age and has proven to be a quick developing and talented bird dog. He is powerful and driven in the field, hunts at a medium range, and has excellent pointing and retrieving instincts.  Huck is an absolute sweetheart of a dog in the house and is a beloved member of our family.  He is easy to hunt behind and is developing into an exceptional woodcock dog.  He embodies what we look for in a Ryman Type Setter.  His sire, Ernie, is a Decoverly bred dog and his mother is mix of classic Appalachian Ryman bloodlines, as well as October and Firelight.


Huck 2.jpg

Fair Fields Brook

Whelped 5/23/2021
OFA Hips (Pending)

OFA Elbows (Pending)

BAER Tested (ES-BR438/13F-NOPI)

FDSB #1700012

53 lbs

Brook is an the most affectionate and loving dog we have ever known.  Her personality had brought a lot of smiles to our home and hunting adventures.  Brook is not yet two years old, but it showing all the signs of being an exceptional hunting companion.  She covers ground effortlessness and thoroughly in the toughest of thickets.  She is flat coated and light on her feet.  She is an easy keeper in the house and the kennel.  She has been the perfect addition to our kennel.  She was acquired from Ruffwood Kennels in Terra Alta, WV which has a long history of producing classic Appalachian grouse dogs.



Dogs of The Past

VC Axel vom Stillwater MH


Whelped 04/08/2006
NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II (102 pts) - 13 Months - Breeder Award Litter
NAVHDA Utility Test Prize 1 (195) - 2 years 4 months
NAVHDA Versatile Champion 2009 Invitational Pass
AKC Master Hunter - 3 years 11 months
DNA Profiled

LD Clear (Lupoid Dermatosis Normal)
OFA Excellent (Hips: GSP-13691E32M-VPI)

Sire of 3 Navhda NA Breeder Award Litters

​Axel was simply the best.  He was bird dog through and through.  Axel was a tireless worker that would never give up and would give his all for his owner in every hunting situation.  Axel is retired from breeding.

Countryside Prairie Sage MH


Whelped 04/11/2009

OFA Good (Hips: GSP-14920G24F-VPI)

Sage passed away followng her last litter.  She left a lasting imprint on our family and kennel.  Luckily, her wonderful personality and desire to please were passed on to her son Gunner.  She was a great addtition to our kennel and breeding program.  She had a great nose and wonderful personality.  She was heavily bred off DC Hillhaven's Hustler and was the double granddaughter of Jaegerhof's Sir Henry Higgins MH (2008 Hunt Test Sire of the Year).  She completed her AKC Master Hunter in the Fall of 2014.


Sage produced a Navhda Natural Ability Breeder Award Litter


Sage's Pedigree

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